The Independent Tantric Massage North London Ritual created by Lila Tantra is unique and genuine Tantra.

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Working with 4 Essential Elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth, in a sequence of actions, with an internal order, the Ritual,Lilla takes you, step by step, in a deep meditation relax state . The water element is our primary element. The symbol of emotional world. Where our unconscious understand the message and released us from the tension and stress.The day after day stress  block our blood circulation, our channel of energy and bring us the illness. Combined with the water element, we have the fire, the light, the warm, from the candles. We have the earth element from the crystals, the salt, the oil, and the air element of the incense, and I can say, the music …

After the Bath Ceremony, The Tao Lotus Zen Tantric Massage. It is a lymphatic massage aromatherapy meditation where the music have a very important role. The connection of massage with music, massage matching speed, direction, value and movements, rhythm and time to different patterns, you can actually wake yourself from the utilization of the Inherent qualities of music and sound and intertwines with them .The massage, actually becoming an extension of the music.It is wonderful to remove you from physical and mental  stress.This environment paving the way for two positive end results. One, it calms down and slows the thought .The processes from anxiety can be released at a relaxing pace, Essentially  your mind quieting. Two, when this happens, the body relaxes, becoming more receptive and accepting of bodywork / massage.

The power of Olive Oil for Tantric Massage is amazing.It is the symbol of peace,and when  is warm, can go very inside your body and takes all the benefit to your internal organs.The combination of the Salt Bath with the Olive Oil Lymphatic Tantric  Massage is so powerful and aphrodisiac.You become in a very special state of energy, calm, balance , strong and energetic.Full of Kundalini energy! Live.

The Tantric Massage North London  is a very deep way to  wake up our kundalini energy, our libido, our essence of life.

The Bioelectricity is the main component of this massage.

It manifests itself throughout the physical body and also acts on the emotions and psyche, dissolving anxieties and tensions that hinder sensory information and driving responsible for pleasure, the orgasm, the relaxation and the overall balance of the body. Tantric  Massagedevelops a deep contact bioenergetic nature of bioelectric that develops and enhances perception and sensitivity, preparing all muscle groups of the body and placing them in the context of pleasure and orgasm.

What is  Bioelectricity?

In our research on bioelectricity, we discovered that the human body is a bioelectric accumulator. When the stimuli is manifested in the skin, with certain intensity and a certain frequency, for a period of time, orgasm is intensified by the hormone producing larger quantities.Serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin circulate freely throughout the body, enhancing the synaptic connections, linkages that connect each nerve fiber, culminating with a major repercussion orgasmic intensive. The person experiences new sensations so pleasurable, new levels of orgasm and what we call hiperorgasmo, reaching new levels of awareness and perceptions. Right now people experience laughter, tears, tears, ecstasy and many other integrative and concomitant feelings, hard to describe, but really very intense and pleasurable.

Normally the sexual experience of people is related to conditioned reflexes by masturbation, sensorially limited. Masturbation conditions for the experience of orgasm always happen the same way, using only a very small group of muscles.  But really, all muscles in the body can bind to orgasm, creating new possibilities of pleasure.

The muscles play a key role in the body’s electricity. The sexual orgasm is a bioelectric discharge that produces a strong muscle contraction, followed by a release this energy an upflow, directed to the head. Muscles hypotonic (low muscle tone) are unable to sustain a high energy and better quality. So the orgasm is so conventional and often produces unsatisfactory sexual compulsion or frustration, making individuals early in their relationship or incapable of producing orgasms.
You can imagine what it means to have an orgasm tied to your whole body and not just the muscles filaments or vaginal muscles? The difference between an orgasm and a common full-body orgasm is something that you deserve to know, believe me!