Ultimate Jumpers, Inc is a US manufacturer of inflatables. inflatable jumpers for sale in general is the following: any structure that requires a constant flow of air going into it because the seams are designed to leak air out which causes the bouncie action. Inflatables come in different shapes, sizes and serve different purposes. They are used for different reasons. We all have attended parties where we’ve seen various inflatables and even have bounced and/or played on a few as well. They are fun, they catch large attention and bring out the best in any event or party. Inflatables include but are not limited to: jumpers, bouncers, moonwalks, slides, water slides, combos, pools, games, obstacle courses, movie screens, gymnastics tumble tracks, advertising products and the list goes on and on.

Ultimate Jumpers takes pride in the manufacturing ability of all types of inflatables and takes their role in this industry very seriously. There is a lot that goes into the manufacturing process – starting from the designing of the units, followed by sewing them and finishing off with testing as well as inspection. Since people and businesses have different desires and needs when it comes to inflatables, Ultimate Jumpers keeps an open mind and does a large amount of custom orders that will fit the needs of any consumer or entity. Each and every single inflatable unit is manufactured with safety and durability in mind and safety is at the top of the list because of its importance in all aspects.

Another important factor to consider which is the fact that Ultimate Jumpers performs all work on premises at the Baldwin Park, Ca facility which of course is located in the United States. The importance and growth of our economy, the safety of our children and creating jobs in our community are all important issues therefore our factory got its wings in the US and will remain doing all business operations all under one roof, in the same facility and keeping the American pride as well as dream alive. With this being said, consumers need to be rest assured that Ultimate Jumpers does not and will not import inflatables from other countries to resell.

The staff at Ultimate Jumpers is very knowledgeable. Whether you need one inflatable for your backyard, a few to add to your rental fleet or an entire field full of inflatables, our representatives will point you in the right direction and make recommendations according to your needs. Each and every inflatable is designed, made, tested, inspected and packed with lots of energy and giggles before letting it go to any customer.

Over the years Ultimate Jumpers has supplied rental businesses, indoor playgrounds, family entertainment centers, churches, camps, schools, martial arts and gymnastics studios, health clubs and different types of government organizations with different types of equipment. Ultimate Jumpers has shipped units not just to different states in the US but to other countries all over the world. Just about any place fun is desired, giggles are wanted, cardiovascular exercise is needed and energy is a must, Ultimate Jumpers will happily manufacture an inflatable to do its job.