When you type a phrase in a search engine “Russian voices”, you probably want to find Russian voiceover artists, fluent speakers of Russian, and even more – native speakers. The search for Russian voiceover artists in your country has not been successful? So what is stopping you to apply directly to Russian?

There are Russian voices of professional voiceover artists presented on our website. russian voice over You can listen to audio voice examples of each Russian voiceover artist in the catalog of voiceover artists works and choose the most suitable for you.

We are the agency of Russian voiceover artists representing their services all over the world.

Today the Internet gives us amazing opportunities in the field of communications and easy finding of contacts for solutions of different tasks in business. And we are the successful choice, and perhaps we will become a real boon for you in the Russian texts voice acting area, that is, the website where you will simply decide the task of voice acting of the Russian text by a native language speaker. But such tasks exist in many business areas. Studios, providing voice acting services in different countries get orders for texts voice acting from their clients. And sometimes foreign studios get orders for texts voice acting by exactly the Russian voices of voiceover artists. And then, the representatives of these studios can absolutely confidently order us the voice acting by Russian voiceover artists.

But well, if customers apply to studios in their home countries with the tasks of voice acting texts in Russian language. But what if the client wishes not to apply to a studio, located in his country, and applies directly to Russia? And then our website is also coming for a help. You just need to think over the tasks, create the terms of reference for us, and send us all the materials by email.

Of course, you can apply to an agency located in your country, which will contact us by themselves and will take over all the tasks of all the work coordinating. But it will be quite expensive. Depending on the ambitions of agencies, the prices of Russian voices can vary considerably. And prices in our agency of Russian voiceover artists are fixed, you can find them in the «Conditions and Payment» section.

We are direct representatives of Russian voiceover artists – the agency of Russian voices. For each coming task to us from clients we communicate directly with voiceover artists. There are no intermediaries and agents between us and Russian voiceover artists, it gives us a huge advantage not only in pricing, but also in the quality of providing services of translation and voice acting of Russian texts, as well as the creation of “turnkey” projects.

Applying to our agency of Russian voiceover artists, you will win the quality, save money and time.

Depending on which one voiceover artist you choose, it influences on the work execution. Normally, the period which runs from the payment date until the voiced Russian textreceiving takes 2-3 days, and in some cases, the Russian text can be voiced at the day of the payment receiving, up to several hours. As you understand, terms of performance directly dependent on the workload. The difference in time zones between us also affects the terms of performance of Russian texts voice acting by the native Russian language speakers.