Divorce is always associated with moral worries and the unpleasant need to communicate with the ex-spouse on various issues. Divorce lawyers are just engaged in resolving legal disputes over the determination of the place of residence of the child, the amount and payment of alimony, the division of property, etc. Our initial consultation is free, call, and find out about the prospects and options for the development of the situation right now. If you need a family lawyer in Loveland to solve a problem, the lawyers of Law Offices of Loomis & Greene will help you deal with divorce and related problems. Divorce lawyers in Loveland CO will help you carry out this process in the shortest possible time. Even in the presence of conflicts of the parties, it is not necessary to appeal to the courts regarding the division of property and issues with children if it is possible to come to a common decision with the help of a lawyer. All that remains is the formal dissolution of the marriage. Contact divorce lawyer Loveland today and we will answer all of your possible questions!

Only a real professional lawyer can provide you with real help

It is a misconception that a family lawyer only assists when a problem arises. A reliable specialist is focused on long-term cooperation and is interested in the well-being of the client. Therefore, he turns into an effective advisor who can provide qualified legal assistance on a variety of issues and warn against rash actions. By contacting a specialist, you can settle the following issues: Divorce taking into account all your interests and new opportunities that a specialist will recommend. In some cases, a divorce without the presence of a second party to the process to save your time and effort. Change of surname due to divorce. Property issues related to divorces: division of property, obtaining information about what property is in the possession and what income each party has at the time of divorce, respecting all your interests, and preserving all your property in accordance with the law. Questions regarding the upbringing and care of children: with whom the child will live; the conditions for the visits of the child with the second parent; the procedure for paying alimony for children under working age; restriction of parental rights; property rights of children in case of parental divorce; establishing paternity, etc. Questions regarding a marriage contract: drawing up a marriage contract at the time of marriage or after it is concluded to respect all your rights and interests, the fulfillment of all its points, recognition of it as invalid or partially invalid. So, by contacting professional lawyer Loveland you not only get a representative in court but also moral support and advice.

Full support in solving family law problems in Loveland CO

By contacting a family law lawyer Loveland, specializing in resolving family disputes, the client will receive a wide range of services, including:

  • Legal advice on a specific family dispute, taking into account all the circumstances and subtleties;
  • Representation of the principal during negotiations;
  • Pre-trial resolution of disputes;
  • Competent drafting and preparation of procedural documents;
  • Collection and analysis of the evidence of the position that will be presented at the hearing;
  • Professional protection of rights and interests in court proceedings in the court of the first instance;
  • Drawing up and preparation of procedural documents and evidence for submission to the court of appeal and cassation instance;
  • Control over the execution of the court decision by the executive service.