If you intend to create your vegetable garden then follow these few tips to optimize its organization. Indeed, once installed, it is too late! It is best to follow a few simple tips to properly organize your vegetable garden and get better yields. So what should be done to optimize harvests? My Little Green Corner explains everything to you!

The right location

The first consideration to be made upstream, before embarking on the installation of your vegetable garden, obviously concerns the location. Indeed, the latter is essential in the success or not of your adventure! You should favor a sunny location protected from the winds. If you do not have direct sun, we have written an article for vegetable gardens in the shade. You should also think about practicality of access and not install it too far from your home. The ground must also be studied beforehand in order to check its physical structure in particular. Finally, do not forget to provide a water supply nearby to facilitate the daily watering which is of course necessary!

The shape of the vegetable garden

There are several possibilities regarding the shape of your vegetable garden. You can opt for the square vegetable garden which is very popular at the moment: however, you should know that it will not be suitable for all crops, some of which need a lot of space. Potatoes, for example, cannot be grown in squares! If you have the space, it is therefore better to opt for an online vegetable garden because it is ideal for organization, less expensive and more resistant. It adapts to seeding in rows, and is suitable for growing all fruits and vegetables. However, if you do not have enough space, you can opt for the square vegetable garden which is easy to install and durable! In addition, it is possible to easily make associations and favor crop rotation.

The division of your vegetable garden

You must absolutely ensure that you group your cultures. All vegetables do not have the same needs and soil depletion must be avoided. It is by organizing your vegetable garden that you will avoid pests and diseases as well. Ideally, there should be a four-section organization to rotate crops over four years. The first section will accommodate vegetables and fruits with high compost needs; the second section includes root vegetables; the third section leafy vegetables; the fourth and last section the legumes that improve the soil. Thus, your vegetable garden is optimal and your harvests will be much better!

Have a look at raised beds for the garden as well: https://gartendek.de/product-category/hochbeet/, they are appropriate for planting vegetables as well as flowers.

Associations in your vegetable garden

Finally, you must ensure that you combine the right crops in order to again optimize the yield over the long term. For example, tomatoes do very well near cabbage, onions near carrots, lettuce not far from radishes… Bad combinations must be avoided at all costs, such as zucchini and cucumbers or different varieties of cabbage. By making the right choices from the start, you will have an interesting adventure with your vegetable garden. Remember that these little details can make all the difference!

As you will have understood, do not go head first into the adventure of the vegetable garden! It is necessary to carry out some reflections beforehand to optimize your space and organize your harvests well.