A garden is an ideal space to promote rest and well-being. When the chirping of birds and the slight sound of water are added to this magical setting, you understand that the garden fountain is not a whim, even less a simple decorative element.

It participates in your relaxation and is essential in a garden. Discover in this article how to install a fountain in a garden.

Choose the location of the fountain carefully

It is important to take care to choose the appropriate place for the installation of the fountain. If you install the fountain in your garden in direct sunlight, the water in it may evaporate over time. This is why we recommend opting for a semi-shaded location, in order to limit the risk of evaporation. However, when it comes to a solar garden fountain, sunshine will however be necessary.

Moreover, in order to take advantage of a shady space, you may be tempted to install the fountain near a tree. It’s still a bad idea. And do you know why?

Indeed, the roots can damage the fountain. Moreover, the dead leaves falling into the fountain during the fall are not very aesthetic. The risk is that they gradually clog the basin, cause mold and bring parasites. Furthermore, the shape and size of the fountain should also be in proportion to your garden.

Ensure water and electricity supply

If you want to install a fountain in optimal conditions, it will be necessary to prioritize a place close to a water point. Indeed, the water will be routed to the fountain, through a pipe.

As far as the electricity supply is concerned, by following the instructions for use, it is possible to get out of it. But in case of poor insulation, fire or electric shock may occur. In both cases, do not hesitate to call on a plumber or an electrician if necessary.

The installation phase of the fountain

The first thing to do is prepare the soil. Ideally, the ground should be level. So you have to level the ground with a spade. Then pour a first layer of sand 5 to 10 cm thick. Finally you must rake the ground with a rake. If you notice that the ground is not well leveled, do not hesitate to put a new layer of sand.

In general, the installation of a garden fountain is not difficult in itself, since the majority of models are sold in the form of kits that only need to be assembled. It saves you more time and makes the job easier.

After preparing the ground, you must now fix the base of your garden fountain to the ground with cement. You can also use concrete. After this fixing to the ground, all that remains is to easily place your fountain.

When you have connected the water pump to the fountain, make sure everything is working perfectly. To do this, add water to the basin, to control its level and its tightness. You must check that all the connections work perfectly.

If they are large models, even if they are sold as a kit, they will probably require the help of a tradesman such as a professional landscaper. The assembly is often done using a plan or using masonry blocks. It is indeed important to guarantee the tightness of these large models.

To do this, you have the option of lining the bottom of the pool with a rubber tarpaulin. For the sake of aesthetics, we recommend covering this upholstery with gravel to conceal it.

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