In stone, cast iron, resin or wood, a garden fountain is a beautiful outdoor decorative object. Aesthetic, it brings a touch of serenity with its permanent flow. Functional, it becomes a practical and elegant water point. To choose, install or build it, here are our tips.

Main criteria for choosing a garden fountain

To choose and install your garden fountain, several criteria must be taken into account, the main ones being:

  • Aesthetics, a fountain must be to your taste and in harmony with its environment.
  • The use, we choose between purely aesthetic or functional models (water point).
  • The location, the constituent materials must be in harmony with the environment.
  • The materials, they must be in line with your preferences and their location.

A decorative fountain to beautify your garden

Decorative fountains operate in a closed circuit. This results in the use of a tank filled with water and a pump to circulate it.

Very often, garden fountains are associated with a basin. Because of the beauty of the spectacle offered by moving water, decorative fountains are very popular in landscaping. Indeed, the runoff brings real pleasure to the eyes and its sounds provide a pleasant feeling of inner peace.

The choice is wide in terms of dimensions and shapes:

  • Fountain Buddha is a widespread model that finds its place in a zen and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Fountain with character, you will have a wide choice between the most disparate representations, it’s up to you to find the one to your liking!
  • Fountain object, the possibilities are vast: bucket or amphora that pours water, wells, stones, basins, etc.
  • Waterfall fountain, it has several levels of water retention and flow.
  • Sphere fountain, as its name suggests, it has a spherical shape and is generally installed in the center of the basin or the location chosen for its installation.
  • Village fountain, of large size, it is generally made of stone and from the top of a central column the water flows from several spouts and fills a circular basin located at the base.

Functional fountain: a practical and aesthetic water point

Functional fountains are intended to draw water from a tap connected to the drinking water network. This can take several forms: gooseneck tap, butterfly valve, shut-off valve or push button.

Among the types of functional fountains available commercially, we find the following:

  • Wall-mounted fountain, its body rests on the ground and has a basin at the foot.
  • Wall fountain to be fixed, also called charming fountain, as its name suggests, it must be fixed to the wall.
  • Column fountain, model of fountain generally without tray, fixing to the ground.
  • Standing fountain, like the previous one, but more voluminous and generally having a collection tank.

Drinking fountain, to be placed or fixed, in wall or column form, it is generally made of aluminium.