Last year, the idea of a trip to Las Vegas in my head matured quite spontaneously. We were supposed to fly to Jamaica and spend our next vacation there, but at some point I overplayed everything and returned home after a working day with the information that in addition to sunglasses and sunscreen, we still need a lot of other things, because we are flying to Las Vegas, and then also to Los Angeles, we should visit the Grand Canyon, spend the night on board the Queen Mary Botel, if possible, try to win at the casino, visit Universal Studio, etc. To say that such a sudden change of route took everyone by surprise is to say nothing. But there was nowhere to go: tickets were bought, places to visit were planned.

Today, remembering this wonderful trip, I have formulated 10 reasons why you should definitely visit Las Vegas.
Find yourself in a city of scorching sun and heatIf you live in the middle latitudes and miss the warmth and good mood, then you should visit Las Vegas. Arriving in this city, you understand how important it is to get this portion of natural warmth, vitamin D gives great emotions, energy and charge for many months to come.

Our trip was organized in May — this is a transition period, when it is not quite cool and there is no sweltering heat, as in July or August. We flew up to the city late at night and could not immediately appreciate the heat of the state of Nevada, but the next day, everything corresponded to our idea: the scorching sun + 30 C, a dry wind, instead of lawns neatly laid pebbles. Arriving from the cool Montreal, it immediately lifted our spirits, we were almost like in Jamaica, only there was not enough beach and sea.

Wonder of Nature-Grand Canyon

Being in Las Vegas and not visiting the Grand Canyon is just a crime against yourself. When I was planning the flight from Montreal to Las Vegas, I couldn’t even imagine that something could prevent me from making such a route, well, if only an earthquake occurs, and all the roads are destroyed on the way there, everything else I can overcome. Initially, I really wanted to buy a helicopter tour, the cost of which turned out to be an average of 600 USD per person, and I quickly gave up on this idea. Why pay such money if there are many alternatives in the form of bus tours? The price of ground transportation was more than acceptable – 120 USD per person. We did not regret for a second that we chose a cheaper and longer journey. The helicopter tour lasts from 30-40 minutes to 2-3 hours, and the bus tour averages from 10-15 hours along with the round — trip road. During this time, you look at many landscapes, make several stops, and really feel like a tourist in the full sense of the word.

Las Vegas is a city for the lucky ones. If you are lucky in the casino-welcome to Nevada!

After visiting Las Vegas, the casino for me became just a gathering place for people who like to try their luck, tickle their nerves, constantly smoke and completely forget about time. I’m not one of those people, and I can honestly say that I didn’t spend a dime in 4 days in Las Vegas to test my luck in USA. Is it good or bad? It’s good for me, there’s no throbbing thought in my head that I’ll definitely win something if I pull the handle of the slot machine. But I have witnessed human dependence on miracle machines more than once. Tourists come to Las Vegas just for these sensations and adrenaline. Many, I repeat many, are lucky and win, but this does not convince me to change my mind. If you manage to conquer the iron monster and win a couple of thousand dollars, do not forget that you will also have to pay tax on this.